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Filling Basket with Tools for Resilience

with Katie Bloedau

  • Started May 21

Workshop Description

We will gather tools for resilience in a sacred circle of women. Mounds of research suggests that focusing our energy and attention on gratitude, wonder, reflection, meaning, awe, and humor is nourishing and protective to the spirit. Expect to write, walk, talk and sing a bit. Consider the basic needs for food, water, sleep, security, beauty in terms of boosting self-care. Katie will bring teachings and techniques from variety of sources: Tara practices with Rachel Wooten, songs of Kathleen Hannan, resilience experts at Duke Health, Byron Katie's The Work (humble inquiry to the thoughts/beliefs that bring us stress/angst), Joanna Macy's Active Hope (looking honestly at the messes of the world and still hanging in there to do something about them) and from Resmaa Menakem's My Grandmother's Hands (exploring the embodied ways that we carry – and can release - racialized generational trauma). We will learn from each other, honor our own deep wisdom, and go home with a basket full of tools for the times ahead. Bring your journal and an open heart!

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